Saturday, September 15, 2012

Prepare for takeoff...

Hello friends!

Lots of things are happening on the music front right now. We, at West Gate Songs, have been interviewing bandmates for the backing band for my live gigs, preparing storyboards and concepts for my very first music video, getting all of my gear ready for my artist photo shoot in Tennessee, started advertising on Facebook, and continue to new material and recording songs as we go along. Whew! That's a lot to type...not to mention, how busy that is going to make me in person!

Amidst all of the chaos, I am finding an unexpected peace in the face of the unknown. I am SO happy to be doing what I love and being so heavily involved in the process. I am so fortunate to have people in my life to make this happen and a family that loves and supports me in this as well. My family is sacrificing so much time with me, enduring my grumpiness due to pure exhaustion, and encouraging me at every turn just to see me succeed at my passion. *blessed*

A close friend of mine, you know who you are, recently told me that they are seeing a new confidence about me. I really feel that doing what you love and being passionate about it will make you more confident in all areas of your life. I feel more like myself when I am singing, writing, playing shows, and mixing/producing songs. There is nothing like it.

Newfound confidence is a good thing when you are about to get professional pictures and video done, especially for someone like myself who tends to be very critical about my own appearance. It also helps to have a WONDERFUL photographer that also happens to be a very close, personal friend! Nothing like a friend to make you feel comfortable.

The video is a whole new venture for me. I am familiar with performing live, doing theatre, singing at church and such. But nothing is like being recorded while singing, making sure I don't look ridiculous, and hoping that I don't waste anyone's time. I did speak with the videographer yesterday over a conference call and he really seems cool. We have a similar love for the arts and desire to make the video everything it possibly can be.

One thing that has had to come up as a topic of discussion during all of this is image. In everyday life, I am not one to have an "image" but it's something I've had to think a lot about as I move forward in representing myself as an artist. I am definitely NOT the Lady Gaga or Ke$ha type but I am not the Beyonce or Mariah Carey type either. Finally the realization came that I want to have a classy image. Not in-your-face sexy, not trashy. More classy, timeless. I consider myself a pretty open-minded and accepting type of person, so I find it slightly hilarious that I am reverting to more of a traditional image. In this modern day world where anything goes, there need to be more people who take their image seriously, care about how they are seen by others, and don't want to change who they are just to sell themselves. I plan to stick to who I truly am, no matter where all of this takes me.

As for the now of things, my husband and I are going to enjoy each other's company today as we are going to have breakfast together (a rarity indeed!), get a guitar fixed and updated, and then check out new mobile phones for our personal and professional uses, as it's definitely time to upgrade (especially with all of the things I need to manage these days!). And I am sure my hubby will work in watching a football game at some point....aaah, Saturday!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


  1. Well I can say that you definitely look beautiful and truly happy! As far as an image goes...just be yourself!! Your music is more like a singer/songwriter type, kind of like Sara Bareilles or something along those least that's how I see it (or hear it). I know how scary it can be to chase a dream, but you should be proud of yourself for going for it and definitely keep that confidence!!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I am so proud of you for chasing your artistic dreams! I do consider myself a singer/songwriter type and can't wait to shoot the pics this weekend and then the video next month for "It'll All Be Fine." I will try to get to wear the necklace in the video too! Thanks for your support!! *hugs* ~Andrea